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Phone: 1-800-Total-Theme
Address: Las Vegas, Nevada

Our Location


“ආලෝකෝ උදපාදී”

Our motto is “ALOKO UDHA PADHEE” which means the light has come. This is a reputed lyric mentioned by the greatest Philosopher Lord Buddha. He said this after obtaining enlightenment. In this reputed verse. The other two lyrics which means the wise has attained.

Our Vision

Continuing as a scientific institution that provides dedication to the religious, cultural, economic and social development that preserves the Sri Lankan identity according to the national education objectives.

Our Mission

Every daughter and son stepping in this meritorious land give birth to Lakmawa as a respectable citizen who loves Nature, loves full of goodwill, talents, skills and abilities.


Our crest is a circle which contains a symbol of an oil lamp, our motto, and lotus pestles. The symbol of lotus pestles is an ancient symbol which represents the glory and success. In this reason it has applied to our Crest. The oil lamp is also a symbol which represent the light, the wise and also the glory. The motto is in the middle circle of the crest. It means the light has come, the enlightenment has come.



Our flag has been designed for many years since the school has begun. It has three columns and the color of the middle one is yellow and the side ones are maroon. In the middle column there is the crest of the school. It symbols our glory and our loyalty to our mother Dharmaloka. The sight of our flag brings us a great us a great proud and heartiness in our minds. In this case it enhances the love to mother Dharmaloka.


Our Houses

ශ්‍රී ධර්මාලෝකය අපගේ
ශ්‍රී ලංකා විදු අම්ඔරයේ
රන් තරුවක් විලසින් දිලෙනා
දිනේ දිනේ සැමදා //

බුදු සිරිපද පහසින් නිකලැල්
පිවිතුරු වූ කලයාණිපුරේ
බැබලෙන ශ්‍රී ධර්මාලෝකේ
දිනේ දිනේ සැමදා
දිනේ දිනේ ඔබෙ ශ්‍රී නාමේ

වාද බේද ආදිය දුරලා
සමගිය බැම්මෙන් සදා බැදී
යුක්තිය ධර්මය නගා ලොවේ
ඔබෙ නම රැක ගනිමූ
සදා දිනේ ඔබෙ ශ්‍රී නාමේ

හිරුඑලියෙන් මොහදුර පලවා
ඥානාලෝකය ලැබ දෙමිනා
සැමදෙන නිසි යහමග යවනා
අප විදුහල් මෑණී
සදා දිනේ ඔබෙ ශ්‍රී නාමේ

ශ්‍රී ධර්මාලෝකය අපගේ.. //





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