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Phone: 1-800-Total-Theme
Address: Las Vegas, Nevada

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Assistant Principal (Grade 6 – Grade 8)

Mrs. A. D. Vajira Rani Manorathna

Ass. Sectional Head – Vocational

Ms. P.R.M.Prabodani

Ass. Sectional Head – A/L Technology

Mrs. Wasanthika Rupasinghe

Ass. Sectional Head – A/L Arts

Mrs. Manori Hettiarachchi

Ass. Sectional Head – A/L Science

Mrs. Deepthi Deepashika

Ass. Sectional Head – A/L Commerce


Ass. Sectional head – Grade 11

Mrs. A.P.Menaka

Ass. Sectional head – Grade 10

Mrs. M.A.D.S.R.Gunasekara

Ass. Sectional head – Grade 9

Mrs. Uditha Rajapaksha

Ass. Sectional head – Grade 8

Mrs. Rupika Wijethunge

Ass. Sectional head – Grade 7

Mrs. S.C. Samarasekara

Ass. Sectional head – Grade 6

Mrs. R.A.C.L.R. Arachchige

Ass. Sectional Head – Grade 5

Mrs. Mr.K.P.M.S.Pathirana

Ass. Sectional Head – Grade 4

Mrs. Mrs. B.L.Damayanthi

Ass. Sectional Head – Grade 3

Mrs. Dilani Fernando

Ass. Sectional Head – Grade 2

Mrs. P.S.K.Liyanage

Ass. Sectional Head – Grade 1

Mrs. W.B.Nandani

Sectional Head (Vocational)

Mrs. E.M.K. Udayakanthi

Sectional Head (A/L Arts)

Mr. K.A.V. Samantha

Sectional Head (A/L Technology)

Mrs. Wasanthika Rupasinghe

Sectional Head (A/L Science)

Mr. M.D.P.D. Keerthi

Sectional head (A/L Commerce)

Mr. Upul Udawatta

Coordinator (Advanced Level)

Rev. Matibambiye Pannasara Thero

Sectional Head (Grade 11)

Mr. Nalaka Piyananda

Sectional Head (Grade 10)

Rev. Waliweriye Narada Thero

Sectional Head (Grade 9)

Mr. H.W. Thilakarathna

Sectional Head (Grade 8)

Mr. H.L.R. Kelum

Sectional Head (Grade 7)

Mrs. D.P.L.Pathishantha

Sectional Head (Grade 6)

Mr. P.P.N. Shantha

Assistant Principal (Grade 9 – Grade 11)

Mr. P.G.Sarojananda

Deputy Principal (Primary)

Mrs. D.M.S.P.Disanayaka

Deputy Principal

Rev. Mahawa Seelananda Thero

Deputy Principal (Grade 6 – Grade 8 )

Mrs. H.A.S.M. Hewaarachchi

Deputy Principal (Education & Development & Finance)

Mrs. U.M.N. Fernando


Mrs. K.G.K.D. Amarasinghe

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